Game Of Thrones Season 8 Just Released Its Premiere Date

In an exciting twist of events on this Tuesday morning, HBO and hit TV series Game of Thrones have blessed us all with a first look at the new season and a premiere date for the final goodbye to our beloved Westeros.
HBO announced on Twitter that eighth and final season of the show will premiere in April 2019—as it was reported earlier this year, however rumors popped up about production delays of the show. While it seems that April is forever away, in reality, it’s only five short months.

The teaser that was released showcased some of the biggest moments in Game of Thrones history, with a new look on how they will all affect each and every character and storyline this season. Posted at 10:00 A.M. this morning, it already has been seen over 60,000 times.

Additionally, in the trailer and other posts, the GoT crew provided a new insight into social media and the final season. While GoT has long been a show that has been live-tweeted, discussed, and broken down on social media—this time around, the show-runners are providing an all-too-telling hashtag to accompany the final season: #ForTheThrone.

Along with the new hashtag and decision for the final release date, fans all over the Internet are excited, emotional, and ready to see what is going to happen in GoT, Westeros, and who the hell will end up on the final throne.

While many people were excited to see GoT back on their feeds and a premiere date, others were pissed off that there was no new trailer to be found.

Until then, everyone can stream seasons 1-7 on HBO and HBOGo, because there’s no better feeling than finding new clues and hints before the final season comes. Happy hunting!

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