Game of Thrones Fans Confuse Death Of Sir George Martin With George R.R. Martin

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The legendary producer of the Beatles, Sir George Martin sadly died yesterday and this caused a lot of grief for music fans all over the world… and confused Game of Thrones fans.

While the internet tributes poured in today, man of them came from distraught Game of Thrones fans who claimed to have “mini heart attacks” when they thought it was GOT’s author George R.R. Martin who had passed.

Many web pundits predicted the confusion wouldn’t take long and they were right as many GOT fans expressed their relief that George R.R. Martin was still alive and able to finish the 6th book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Winds of Fire.

This proves once and for all that nobody is safe in the new Game of Thrones world we live in. Even death by name association is now a possibility.