The 20 Funniest College Football Fan Moments Of All Time

The 2015-16 College Football season officially kicks off next Thursday, so we decided it was time to celebrate one of the things that makes it so great… the fans. You know, the completely rational college football fans who never take things way too seriously and are always willing to have a rational conversation with you about their favorite team.


The N.C. State Nipple Massager

 Feel The Excitement Of Michigan Football

The Legendary Texas Tech Bell Ringer

Insane Georgia Bulldogs Fan Channels His Inner Macho Man
 Crazy UT Fan
 Tennessee\\\’s Most Concerned Fan Of All Time

How To High-Five In Kentucky

 The Overly Upset Clemson Fan

“Stop Girl” Wants You To Stop!

Jurassic LSU Fan

  Nebraska Fan Goes Full Derp

 Clemson Fan Enjoys His Morning Coffee On Gameday

 The One Man NC State Wolfpack

ESPN Catches UTEP Couple In The Act

The Baylor Boogie

 Don\\\’t Look Into This Gator Fan\\\’s Eyes

 The Crying Alabama Frat Boy

Don\\\’t Mess With The Ole Miss Marines

Ohio State Fan Gets Caught Cheating On National TV