Man Obliterated After Saying ‘Entitled Millennials’ Need To Stop ‘Whining’ About White Male Privilege

Peter Sweden is a far-right vlogger and self-titled journalist whose history of bad takes include denying the existence of the Holocaust, being anti-vaxx, and calling all muslims “terrorists” and “savages.”

While his Twitter bio reads, “I despise Nazis & Communists,” he has a well-documented history of anti-Semitic, homophobic and Islamophobic videos and tweets.

One of Sweden’s tweets from has resurfaced and is getting dunked upon heavily as it makes the rounds across Twitter.

“Dear entitled millennials who whine about ‘white male privilege’ all day,” he writes, “we gave women the right to vote. We ended slavery.”

“Millions of us sacrificed our lives for freedom and democracy, fighting the evils of Nazism and communism.” Sweden concluded: “I don’t want to hear about ‘privilege.'”

First things first: PeterSweden did not “give” women the right to vote nor did he “end slavery” because he was born in 1994—well after these things happened. The extent to which he has fought “the evils of Nazism and Communism” seems to be by just tweeting a lot.

And, most of his tweets are actually decidedly pro-Nazi, though he has recently reversed this stance. (He was doxed by the anti-racist organization Hope not Hate his Holocaust denial went public and viral in 2017. Sweden stopped attacking Jews and instead focused on attacked muslims.)

But Sweden’s individual shortcomings aside, the crux of his argument—that the same white men who denied women the right to vote and people of color the right to freedom in the first place deserve recognition for eventually “allowing” these basic human rights—is as laughable as it is illogical.

The fact that white men never had to fight for the right to vote and were never enslaved by another race is the very definition of white privilege.

Furthermore, the idea of white men “giving” away rights is a blatant attempt to erase how hard-won those rights actually were for marginalized groups.

Sweden followed up his terrible take by doubling down on the “racist anti-white” nonsense he attributes to the ideology of “verified liberals.”

This is a man who will literally never understand that “anti-white racism” is simply not a thing. Here’s a suggestion:

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