Men Are Responding To The Question”What Are Women Embarrassed To Do In Bed But You Really Like?”

We shouldn’t get embarrassed during sex, but it happens. And most of the time, it’s totally not necessary. If you find yourself feeling shy in the sack solely because you’re worried what your male partner thinks, don’t be. Chances are they find whatever is embarrassing you to be pretty hot.

On Reddit, guys are sharing the things that many women are embarrassed to do during sex that actually turn them on.

But truly, the sexiest thing is communicating!

1. Making Noise

“Make noise. Say, even demand what she wants.” — ZoomZoomZachAttack

2. Masturbation

“When masturbation is off the table. That’s a bummer. It’s a real turn on when she rubs herself as part of the foreplay.” — j4m3zm1113r

3. Showing Off

“Show themselves off. Just a shift of the back position pulls you from scared cat to sex bomb.” — shotgun883

4. Face Sitting

“Sitting on my face. I don’t care if you hurt me, or if you keep me from breathing. Just let me eat girl!!” — -nightman-cometh-

5. Sex With The Lights On

“A lot of women don’t want to have sex with the lights on. Most common response is their are self conscious but I’m aware I could also just be ugly. Regardless I like to be able to see what I’m doing and see everything wobbling and smacking together. Wet slimy smacking sounds and moaning in the dark make me worried there is some lovecraftian eldritch horror lurking near by or something.” — demonardvark

6. Talking Dirty

“Dirty talk. Get in my head and fire me up!” — Bulfreno

7. “Ugly Face”

“‘Ugly face’ when coming or making ‘animalistic’ sounds making them feel ugly. Basically I think all are beautiful on a lover. But the imperative to be pretty makes me sad. It means they can’t let go completely.” — bahatinaledi

8. Reverse Cowgirl

“Reverse cowgirl. They get insecure about their butt dimples or whatever but personally I love them.” — Mriconicdev

9. Peeing

“When riding sometimes my wife stop when she feels like she’s gonna pee. I’m not sure if she’s gonna pee or squirt but I wish she just go for it.” — normalboyz1

10. Eye Contact

“Eye contact during head. I’ve met very few who are comfortable with it. You want me nut faster than the land speed record? Look me dead in the eyes as you give the knob slobbering hob gobbling gawk gawk 3000. Those ‘f*ck me’ eyes get me every time.” — im_alright_i_swear

11. Making A Mess

“I love it when women are comfortable making a mess. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who has no problems getting sweaty and cross-eyed. I guess a lot of women are worried about looking strange, but the way men see it; if you aren’t having fun, what’s the point? Nobody is at their peak game during sex, so just have fun with it.” — Journeyman1993

12. Using Sex Toys

“Using toys during sex/foreplay.” — quntify_real

13. 69

“I’m a huge fan of 69, half the girls I’ve been with have been into it and half haven’t…” — IHaveFoodOnMyChin

14. Saying “Daddy”

“Calling me daddy.” — Whole-Box537

15. Teamwork

“Communicate. Touch her own body. Touch my body. Show enthusiasm. Teamwork, really. Revel in her pleasure and seek to maximize it together. Enthusiastically enjoy my pleasure and seek it out.” — Coidzor