Devastated Dad Cuts Ties With Daughter After Saying She Prefers Mom’s New Beau

The ultimate snub sends daughter from daddy’s girl to disowned.

Divorce has been described as when you’re juggling your emotions and a couple of kids who feel like they’ve just seen their favorite band break up. So, parents, try to keep it cool in the middle of what can only be described as emotional anarchy. It’s “me against the world”, or at least it feels that way when you’re trying to figure out co-parenting.

In this story, things hit a new level of “complicated” when a daughter, bless her heart, drops a bomb—she likes her moms new boyfriend better than her dad. Ouch, right? I mean, here he was, allegedly trying to win ‘Dad of the Year,’ and she’s handing out roses to this other guy like it’s a reality show. In a moment of what I can only call pure sitcom-worthy panic, he did what any heartbroken, slightly melodramatic dad might do— told her if it’s him she wants, it’s him she can have. Yeah, he cut ties. Dramatic, I know. He turned to the internet for some fatherly advice, because where else do you get a crowd of strangers invested in your personal drama? Now you can decide for yourself the answer to his question “AITA for choosing my sister over my daughter.” 



It would appear that the mother made intentional steps to drive a wedge between the father and daughter.

Many thought he was not to blame:

Others thought the whole family needed professional help:

And a few sided with the daughter:


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