Couple Actually Thinks $500k A Year Makes Them ‘Average’ And Gets Taken To School By The Internet

What really constitutes making ‘average’ money in America? Well, it depends a lot on what your expenses are, and also, whether or not you think something like taking three vacations a year is average.

One anonymous couple based in NYC shared a breakdown of their expenses. They’re each 35 years old, with two young children, and each partner makes $250,000 a year as a lawyer. And somehow they still end up feeling “average,” according to CNBC. Yep, half a milliona year is earned by this household and they still think they’re “average.”

Here’s exactly where their money goes.


Wow, they have a home (as you can tell from the mortgage), three cars, and are able to pay for sports and music lessons for the kids. They give $18,000 a year to charity while paying off school loans, but they still manage to put away $36,000 in their 401ks, too.

Given that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income as of 2015 was $56,516, you’d think a household making half a mil would probably realize that they’re way above average. Even after settingaside 10 grand each year for miscellaneous expenses, they still end up with over $7,000 to put towards savings each year.

As you can imagine, the internet could not help but mock these people.

One person pointed out that 401k and charity contributions are not actually “expenses.”

The same goes for the mortgage principal.

Another person pointed out that this couple will have saved so much money by the age of 66.

Did you catch the part about threeeeeee (3!) vacations a year?

Someone claimed that there are 129 million Americans making less than $35,000 a year, comprising 56 percent of Americans with income.

Maybe not so “average” after all?

h/t: CNBC, @darth