Comedian Tries To Mock Jennifer Lopez And Ends Up Mocking Himself

Hilarious Irishman Senan Byrne gained Internet fame on Vine, which was the perfect medium for telling short, funny stories. Sadly, Vine is no longer with us, and Byrne has moved on to other platforms. It’s no surprise that he’s still good at telling stories in short bursts, as in his recent viral tweet mocking Jennifer Lopez. Byrne was and is most famous for recreating celebrity looks or joking about popular memes and photo styles. He often incorporates his wife, who may be the most tolerant woman in Ireland:

Some of you know @muradosmann ‘s photos. But this is my reality ???

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The tweet that has Byrne on everyone’s radar right now is a three panel story, the first of which shows Byrne trying to emulate J Lo’s style. The actress was seen in a button down shirt and a pair of boots made from denim. They look pretty much like she’s got her pants down around her ankles, which Byrne pointed out in his photo:

but then we got the behind the scenes story. His wife walks in on him doing this insane photo shoot for the likes, and she has no choice but to leave him:

But it’s ultimately worth it, because he got the pic:

Byrne told Bored Panda that he while he was joking about J Lo’s outfit, he was also teasing the sort of content creators who are always doing….exactly the sort of stuff he does.

“Some ‘creators’ try and make it their job and source of income. Me and my friends just do it for fun. I think that virality or ‘going viral’ is a byproduct and not the only reason for making videos [or pictures],” he said.

“I came across the picture by my wife who had seen it on some social media. I assumed many would be dressing up and posting their attempts to look like J Lo, and I wanted to go further and parody those attempts.”

Well, he nailed it. He both looks like J Lo and convincingly tells the story of his wife leaving him for committing harder to his Instagram account than their marriage. Now, if only we knew for sure that she came back.