Twitter Won’t Stop Dunking On Kanye For Wearing A Pair Of Teeny-Tiny Slippers To 2 Chainz’ Wedding

2 Chainz ought’ve known that inviting Kim and Kanye to his wedding would effectively overshadow his special day. Yet even the most forward-thinking of musical artists could never have predicted that of all the stunts the reality star/rapper duo might’ve pulled, it was a pair of slides that drew the media eye away from — in the immortal words of 2 Chainz — the “Drenchiest Rehearsal Eva.”

Drenchiest Rehearsal Eva

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Specifically, slides on the feet of Kanye West. Slides so loud and anachronistic they rendered Kim Kardashian‘s neon-green, latex bodycon ensemble nearly irrelevant.


Slides that may or may not elicit a hearty, “WHAT! ARE! THOSE!”


“Those” are apparently a pair of Yeezy slides Kanye had teased on Twitter one week ago.

Most of Twitter shared one particular sentiment, which was: Anyone who shows up to a wedding in slides can just turn around and go right back home.

To add insult to injury, the slides appear to be far, far too small for this man’s feet.

At least we know the Yeezy slides can transition from beach-casual to wedding-formal with no problem, unless you consider relentless social media ridicule problematic.