Chrissy Teigen Tried Trolling IHOP And They Clapped Back Twice As Hard

ICYMIor, you know, live under a rock of some sort–IHOP has caused a social media frenzy over the last week because they’ve decided to disrupt the system and change their name.

Starting last week when the company issued the new “temporary” name–IHOb–people on social media went wild with what the “B” could stand for. Knowing that the previous “P” stood for pancakes, many assumed that IHOP was trying to “broaden” their horizons to include other breakfast foods–like crepes, waffles, french toast, eggs–and just call themselves the “International House of Breakfast.” That would have been the ideal move, in my eyes, but instead, IHOP decided to cause a damn scene online and change their name to the “International House of Burgers.”

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Amongst the many people (and companies) who hilariously trolled IHOP, or now IHOb, on social media–our girl Chrissy Teigen got all up in there nice and deep like to tell them they royally screwed up, but like, in a really petty way.

After seeing Teigen, the Internet’s favorite savage foodie, attacking their new branding move–IHOP clapped back twice as hard with this mic drop.

I mean…

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