Chrissy Teigen Lost Her New Hamster And Hilariously Live-Tweeted Herself Trying To Find Her

Pretty much anything Chrissy Teigen does is news because the woman is America’s sweetheart. Which is why, when the model/cookbook author bought a new hamster, Twitter immediately took an interest. And when she lost the little critter (named Peanut Butter) pretty much right away, she kept up a constant stream of tweets keeping her followers abreast of the situation.

John (Legend, Teigen’s husband) will probably learn to be thrilled because hamsters are ridiculously adorable (it is annoying how active they get at night, though).

Teigen shared some details about her new little family member.

Then she shared a video of Peanut Butter chewing on the bars of the cage she was in. “Is this normal?” Teigen asked.

While it was clear that Teigen had the hamster’s best interests at heart, the cage wasn’t ideal.

She also mentioned she had a new glass enclosure coming soon.

She’s clearly a great hamster-mom: she even worried about whether Peanut Butter would figure out how to drink from her water bottle.

The only problem was, the hamster got out.

But not for long! Whew!

But…the next day she went missing again. Such a whirlwind of drama!!

Twitter rallied around and gave her tips on how to catch Peanut Butter. Interestingly, one of them involves peanut butter!

Other people of course just wanted to shame her some more. Teigen didn’t let it get to her.

She reminded people that she did have that new enclosure coming.

And when night time came, Teigen was ready.


She set a trap.

(Yeah, that’s not weed.)

She also set up some cameras.

And put flour on the stairs.

She wasn’t sure it’d work.

But 12 hours later, she caught lil’ PB!

Teigen was ecstatic.

Peanut Butter’s safe and sound and that’s all the matters. Even if some questions do remain unanswered…

And she figured out how to drink her water, too.

People really, really don’t need to worry about Peanut Butter.

It’s clear she’s very loved.


Can you blame her? Look at this little cutie!

Now we’re all looking forward to a very safe little Peanut Butter settling into the Teigen family. She’s going to make an excellent model.

h/t: BuzzFeed