Guy Shares How The Domino’s Pizza Tracker Saved Him From His Crazy Ex-Girlfriend And A Knife

In life, there are some crazy stories and experiences we have that we have no choice but to share with the world. When they happen, they’re so unbelievable that we have to share them with everyone who will listen. Like, one Tumblr user who recently had his life saved thanks to Domino’s and their Pizza Tracker.

Now, if you’ve ever ordered Domino’s, you’ll know there’s nothing more exciting than watching the tracker move all the way from stage 1 to final delivery—who doesn’t love a visual representation of your pizza being made? However, for one customer, it was more than a step-by-step process to get excited, it was a way for him to regain his life from his crazy, psychotic ex-girlfriend.

It all started with a craving for pizza.

But, the Pizza Tracker was a game changer.

We all know how truly awesome it is.

Except, an unexpected visitor was added to the equation.

It got heated.

It can be…glitchy.

But, Alejandro came in clutch and called the police—saving this customer’s life.

People online were both impressed, inspired to order Domino’s, and hoping Alejandro got a nice tip—afterall, he did save his life.

Can’t deny that I, too, am in the mood for a crust-stuffed pizza from Domino’s after reading this. Guess I know what’s for dinner.

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