25+ Memes For Everybody Who Is Absolutely Thrilled To Not Have Kids

If you love children and you have your own, that’s really awesome. We’re all very happy for you. Now, you should probably stop reading this post immediately: it’s for the people who don’t want kids and don’t have them. Up top, you guys! Isn’t it great to have so much free time, and extra cash, and to not have to clean anyone’s butt except your own? It rules. But we’re not really allowed to talk about it, because you can’t say you don’t want kids without parents taking it kind of personally.

Look, child free people aren’t saying they don’t want your specific kids. Though they don’t. They’re just saying they love their life decisions also, because those decisions are much more fun. Dang, it’s so hard to explain without being offensive. Luckily, we have memes to express what can’t be said out loud. The proud and child free will totally get all of these, and the parents can scroll through and gasp in outrage, too:


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Money before kids ? #meaf

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Sorry mom #no #ihatekids

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