Woman Dumps Her Boyfriend After He’s Exposed As Cheater In Viral Tweet

Karmic justice was served ice cold over the weekend in the case of a cheating boyfriend—because, unfortunately, every relationship can’t be as magical as that of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.

In the ultimate example of “sisters before misters,” on Saturday morning Twitter user @alexxiisj overheard the conversation of a guy at a taco stand, apparently bragging to a friend about cheating on his girlfriend, a Dallas nursing student named Hannah.

“Dear Hannah the nursing student in Dallas, i heard ur bf @ the taco stand this morning, talking about how many times he’s cheated on u since he’s been back at baylor [University],” she wrote, followed by, “He’s trash. dump him.”

From there, the search was on, as Twitter banded together to search out this nursing student named Hannah to inform her that her man was nothing but a no-good dirty-rotten cheating dog. The tweet was subsequently retweeted over 60,000 times and favorited nearly 250,000.

But even in a city of over 1.3 million people, there are only so many nursing schools in Dallas, and only so many nursing students named Hannah. So eventually, the right Hannah caught wind of what went down and reacted accordingly.

It may have—or may not, given the circumstances—been a rough shake for Hannah to learn of the true nature of her boyfriend, but the bubbly blonde nursing student took things in stride and is even attempting to make lemonade out of crap boyfriend lemons.

In what may be the most 2018 thing ever, Hannah shared her Venmo account information so that she might use this newfound attention to help her pay off her student loans. And for what it’s worth, it seems to be working!

And just to prove that she’s using the funds as promised, Hannah provided receipts:

May we all be so lucky to get out of a toxic relationship in a way like this. With any luck, hopefully soon Hannah will bounce back with a beau who is clearly more deserving of her time.

Lex Gabrielle

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