Couple Wants Inexpensive Wedding Rings, Snobby Jewelry Store Employee Learns Lesson For Not Wanting To Help “Cheap Customers”

It pays not to be greedy. I know we’re living in a world where there are not one but two movies called Wall Street where the opposite idea is argued. Even if you love money, it’s important to have tact. That’s what this storyteller on Reddit showed the world. She encountered a rude jewelry store employee, otherwise known as “Chad” in the story, and taught him a lesson.

On the subreddit called “r/pettyrevenge” people share simple stories of getting even with rude people. However, this encounter involved race, class, bias, and priceless gems. It’s a story with a bit of everything. And a Hollywood ending (the ending from Pretty Woman). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here is the story about how you can’t judge people by what they look like:

All she wanted was a ring…

Now that you have some background, let’s get to the meat of the encounter:

Luckily, another, nicer person took over:

Ah, this part must have felt good:

Chad continued to stew:

Finally, our narrator double checks that her antagonist had a bad day:

The moral is: don’t judge a book by its cover.

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Brand loyalty is strong now.

h/t Reddit: r/pettyrevenge