29 Celebrities Who Have *Allegedly* Gotten Away With Doing “Incredibly Heinous” Things

20. Thomas Edison

“Thomas Edison electrocuted an elephant as a demonstration of his power.” –BenKatz88

21. Kevin Costner

“Kevin Costner tried to build a casino on Sioux land; AFTER starring in Dances With Wolves.” –BasketofTits

22. Jon Hamm

“Jon Hamm did some f–ked up shit at his fraternity while hazing people. I’m pretty sure he was kicked out of school.” –Chilibobilly

23. Coco Chanel

“Coco Chanel was a big supporter of the Nazi party.” –AnchorsRipley

24. John Lennon

“John Lennon was an abusive asshole.” –Grover_washington_jr

25. Snoop Dogg

“Snoop Dogg being on trial for murder seems to have been forgotten pretty quickly.” –memeyk

26. Woody Allen

“Woody Allen, marrying his own adopted daughter.” –criscomeyer

27. Bill O’Reilly

“F–king Bill O’Reilly called for the execution of an abortion doctor on his program, going so far as to give his home address and the address of the church the dude attended. A “lone wolf” showed up at his church and executed him. Zero consequences for Fox or O’Reilly” –AmyCode

28. Mark Wahlberg

“Mark Wahlberg was one of the few people in history to violate a civil rights injunction. A civil rights injunction is basically a court order telling someone to stop committing hate crimes.

Mark Wahlberg was originally busted as a 15-year-old for attacking 4th graders for being black.

Two years later he robbed and beat a Vietnamese man for being Asian, then beat another man for also being Asian. One of his victims was permanently injured.

Then he became Marky Mark!” — CaliforniaGiraffe

29. Lena Dunham

“Lena Dunham molested her little sister nothing was ever done and little said.” – MrVengeanceIII