29 Celebrities Who Have *Allegedly* Gotten Away With Doing “Incredibly Heinous” Things

11. Andy Dick

“I really don’t understand how Andy Dick hasn’t been cancelled/metoo-ed, he has been waving his dick where it doesn’t belong and touching people inappropriately for 30 years. This isn’t even a secret, I guess people just don’t think about Andy Dick.” –GrandmaSlappy

12. Donte Stallworth

“Donte Stallworth (ex NFL wide receiver) hit and killed someone with his car, only got 30 days which he didn’t full serve.” –jaxdavenport

13. P.T. Barnum

“P.T. Barnum … His very first exhibit was a black woman who he bought from an acquaintance of his (slavery was banned at that time, but he used a loophole to evade that). He ended up holding a live autopsy of the black woman once she died and cut up her body in front of a crowd.” –raccoonTowel

14. Sean Penn

“How has nobody said Sean Penn? He hit Madonna over the head with a baseball bat when they were together. Broke into her (their) home when they were on the outs, tied her to a chair with cable, cut off her hair and beat her. Also left her there for like nine hours apparently and came back to continue. Then he forced her to perform sex acts on him. She managed to get away at some point and get to the cops. But she didn’t end up pressing charges.” –sybill9

15. Amy Schumer

“Amy Schumer allegedly admitted to sexual assaulting a drunk guy and a cab driver.” –TirelessGuardian

16. Brandy

“Brandy killed a 38 year old woman in a car accident, wasn’t charged but settled out of court with the family.” –ItzLog

17. Marylin Manson

“Marilyn Manson allegedly mentally and physically abused Evan Rachel Wood and groomed her.” –theburgerlover

18. Roman Polanski

“Roman Polanski drugged and raped a child, then fled America rather than serve his sentence. Yet Hollywood folks still work with this child rapist and fugitive from justice, France won’t extradite him, and people actually say he should be “forgiven and allowed back from exile.” –JamiSings

19. Jackie Chan

“Jackie Chan disowned his daughter for being lesbian and is a Pro Beijing supporter despite being born in Hong Kong.” –Andwhy99