Bridezilla Has Batsh*t Meltdown Because Guests Can’t Attend Her $3,000 Destination Wedding

Every time the Internet provides us a bridezilla tale horrifying enough to top the last, I immediately assume any and all would-be bridezillas end up curbing their histrionic ways, for fear of going viral as an asshole.

But being a jerk often means lacking self-awareness. And though the following bride pretends to be self aware by kicking off her batshit Facebook post (shared by Reddit user so_long_and_thanks) with the words “At the risk of sounding entitled…” the remainder of her message reveals her true colors. Which happen to be various shades of friendless loser. 

This chick moved her wedding from Southeast Asia to a remote island and still managed to wrangle nine entire evites out of it? Some further questions I have;

She can afford a Thailand wedding, but she can’t afford paper invitations or a cast-iron Cuisinart skillet?

Is she threatening to have a cheap wedding that her friends aren’t allowed to come to, because they couldn’t afford the more expensive one?

But…but her friends get to spend the happiest day of HER life with HER. They can’t even spare several months’ rent to share in HER happiness? Does anybody else’s heart hurt for the groom?

Some people are truly the worst.