Someone Leaked A Private Photo Of Beyoncé’s Kids, And Fans Are Absolutely Livid

A photograph of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s three children was leaked on Wednesday, and fans are busy trying to finger out the perp responsible for this betrayal of privacy (though members of the Beyhive are pretty certain they know.)


The picture in question is a black-and-white photograph of Blue Ivy sitting with twins Sir and Rumi against a backdrop of wildflowers. Because it is framed and features a definite glare from what appears to be a ceiling light fixture, it is safe to assume that it was taken with an iPhone by a guest at the Carters’ house. The photograph has also never been released by either musician—lending credence to the hypothesis that it is in fact a private family image.

Though the individual responsible for leaking the photo is unconfirmed, it was initially credited by Hollywood Unlocked to another Instagram account known as Freeish Media—leading many to point the finger at Jason Lee.

The post has since been deleted, but as we well know, screenshots are forever.

“We received a photo of Beyoncé’s children via an anonymous source and posted the image believing that it had already been posted by the Carters,” read a statement given to BuzzFeed News and attributed to Lee.

Lee gave INSIDER a similar story, explaining that “After receiving a call from Beyoncé’s representative and learning that the image was not authorized we immediately removed it from our platform out of respect for their privacy.”

The Beyhive, however, isn’t convinced, and is taking their fury out at Jason Lee across social media.


Several fans posted a now-infamous video clip of Bey being ambushed by Lee at this year’s Roc Nation Brunch as evidence of his uninhibited thirst.

Beyoncé revealed photos of the twins a month after they were born and has shared glimpses of them since, but has otherwise been notoriously private with images of her children.

h/t BuzzFeed News