40+ Pictures So Mesmerizing Your Eyes Will Orgasm

Have you ever looked at a picture and it was both beautiful and made complete sense? One need not be a perfectionist to appreciate the beauty of exactitude, the orderliness in shapes, patterns, arrangements and colors. That being said, I never thought I’d find myself typing the words “gorgeous mushrooms” or “overly sexual fried chicken sandwich,” but that’s life! It comes at you fast, and without any regard for beauty or order— unlike the following:

45. These gorgeous mushrooms:

44. This stone:


43. These waves:

42. This perfect ice cream scoop:


41. These perfectly interwoven stacks of Post-Its:


40. This snowball:

39. This A+ checkmark:

38. This pancake:

37. This stunning cake:

36. This assortment of fungi:

35. These perfectly ordered pipes:

34. This perfect lotion squeeze:

33. This bell pepper situation:

32. This freshly groomed ski slope:

31. This rosy, unused tin of lip balm:

30. This almost overly sexual fried chicken sandwich:

29. This ideal set of mixing bowls:


28. This circle:

27. And this perfect letter ‘i’:

26. This beautiful burnt piece of wood:

25. This truly phenomenal ocean at sunset:


24. And the pattern of these waves on this lake:


23. This onion:

22. The frosting on this pink cake:


21. This irresistible blossom:

20. And also this heart-wrenching flower:



18. These German cop cars:

17. This profile picture positioning:

16. This stunning lava flow:


15. These bubbles:

14. The dirt on this car:

13. This tremendous red cabbage head:


12. This shelf:

11. This pencil:

10. This illuminati breakfast:

9. This snake:

8. These flowers (LAST ONES I SWEAR):

7. This toothpaste and its lil cap:

6. This lighter:

5. These boulders:

4. This empty beer:

3. This rock that looks like a sandwich:

2. The planes of this sandcastle:

1. And finally, this sink drain:

…And also this one: