21 People Who Oughta Be Banned From Airplanes Forever And Ever

If you’ve ever found yourself on a plane, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the typical hassles that accompany traveling.

You arrive to the airport, endure an invasive pat-down by government employees, wait around for hours, buy $5 bars of Snickers, etc. etc. And that’s all before you actually get on the plane!

Once you’re on, an entire new self-contained world of horrors awaits. Such as the following:

21. This woman, who does not care about the passenger behind her:

20. This pistachio-shell dropper:

19. This man peeing in his seat:

18. And this one, who thought watching porn was a cool thing to do:

17. This person, who should be banned from literally everywhere and not only airplanes:

16. Whoever takes up four seats at the boarding gate:

15. Seriously, don’t do that sh*t:

14. This punisher, whose comfort is more important than all else:

13. And this one, too:

12. Also this one:

11. Aaaaaand this one, too: