Artist Recreates Hermione Granger As A Black Woman And People Are Utterly Obsessed

There are some people who are so damn talented, we can’t help but wonder how they aren’t famous for their work yet. This week, Twitter user and artist Sophia Canning drew Hermione Granger on Photoshop, our favorite Harry Potter character “living her best life” and the result is so incredible–we thought it was a photograph.
Sophia shared the image on Twitter saying:

A quick Hermione, living her best life.

Sophia told Twitter followers that she used fashion influencer Jasmine Brown as a model to paint her dream Hermione. Clearly, she did a crazy-good job at making her painting look realistic.


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Before Sophia knew it, her work went viral on the social media site. People were blown away by how realistic the picture looks–and how beautiful her version of Hermione is.

Sophia also has an entire Twitter account dedicated to sharing her art–so, be sure to check it out.