Anti-Vaxxer Walks Right Into Commenter’s ‘Subject Change’ Trap And Gets Shredded

Ah, nothing goes together quite like anti-vaxxers and social media. It’s the perfect place for them to post their anti-vaccine memes and spread their misinformation and idiocy.

Of course, social media is also an excellent place for ripping on anti-vaxxers, as they deserve to be ripped on. Like this one person, who posted a Fox & Friends article about a young girl who seems to have been paralyzed as a side effect to getting a flu shot, although it’s not clear if that’s what really happened, because there’s no causal evidence.

A screenshot of the ensuing back-and-forth in the comments was posted to the subReddit Murdered By Words because that’s exactly what happened to the person who originally put the link to the article on her Facebook page.

Someone named Taylor responded to the news story about the girl, writing “The benefit of vaccines far exceed [sic] any of the very minuscule rare complications or risks.”

But the OP was having none of that. Because, according to them, they’ve already “done plenty of research.” Uh-huh. I see.

But Taylor wasn’t done. She changed the subject by commenting, “Alright fair. Let’s change the subject then. Do you like DIY stuff like Pinterest??”

The person took the bait and responded, “Yeah but I never get to finish any projects. I have projects sitting around my house that I need to finish.”

And that’s when Taylor delivered the sucker punch:

She included a link to a child’s casket on Pinterest and wrote, “Well anyways, here’s a project for you to start working on while you spread anti-vaccine propaganda.”


People on Reddit loved it and left comments giving Taylor kudos.

One person left a comment that said the girl in question had actually contracted GBS, which, according to them, is not exclusive to the flu vaccine and is usually temporary and treatable.

Anti-vaxxers are getting outed and made fun of so regularly, it seems like it’s only a matter of time untilsomeone gets it through to them that it’s crucial for parents to VACCINATE THEIR KIDS! Maybe? Please?

h/t: r/Murdered By Words