“What Are Americans Not Ready To Hear?”—20 Replies

Americans get a pretty negative rap around the world for being self-centered and uneducated, which is precisely what u/swansonite456‘s question presumes. They recently asked Reddit:

“What are Americans not ready to hear?”

And we grabbed the top replies.

1. C***

The word, “Cunt.”

almost optimistic

2. Sepia

México is not in sepia lightning.


3. No Gaps

That the entire world excels at making bathroom stalls that you can’t see between. Not sure why the US stall manufacturers can’t figure out how to close those massive gaps…


4. Terrifying

Fingernails scratching on an upstairs window coming from outside at 3 am.


5. Swearing

I saw/heard footage of a school shooting broadcast on TV where a kid’s swearing was bleeped out. Like swearing was the thing that tipped that scene over into indecent. But boy, could we hear the shots and the screams.


6. Maternity leave

You shouldn’t have to give birth then go back to work a week later.


7. Not the only people

You’re the foreigner in 192 countries


8. Celsius

What temperature it is in Celsius


9. College

College shouldn’t drain your entire savings account


10. Florida

I heard someone say that the way we look at Florida is the same way the rest of the world looks at us


11. Super odd

It’s really weird how you guys glorify your politicians. Wearing merch of a politician? Very, very strange.


12. Wrong, gang

They dont really know what terms like liberal/socialist/fascist mean


13. Overworked

Working 80 hours a week isn’t something to brag about.


14. Tipping sucks

Your tipping culture is a scam. Tipping should not be a burden obligation of your customers.


15. Walk more

You’d all be thinner if your cities were designed to be walkable This is why you lose weight when you go to Italy despite eating nothing but pasta n pizza, because you’re walking everywhere


16. Bidets

A bidet is cleaner then using toilet paper


17. Healthcare

Profit based healthcare is wrong on so many levels


18. Nipples

Female nipples, don’t actually cause trauma when seen.


19. Food companies

You let food companies put in whatever crap preservatives they want and make up weight with artificial sweeteners instead of real ingredients. That’s the big threat to your life, not secret communists.


20. …We started this one?

Religion has no place in politics, hence “separation of church and state.”


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