Airbnb’s House Rules Are So Insane They Just Had To Be Documented In This Viral TikTok

And they wonder why people are returning to hotels.

It’s becoming a popular opinion that Airbnb is falling short in the accommodation business. Between the excessive fees and now, excessive house-rules, folks are resorting back to their roots: hotels. One TikToker by the username of (airbnbhorrorstory) brought a new Airbnb monster from the shadows. An Airbnb in Montauk with insane house rules.

The now-viral video showcased an obsessive amount of strict signs throughout the household, ordering the guests around like children. Unfortunatley for Airbnb, this video just marked another strike against them.

viral tiktok vrbo rules
airbnbhorrorstory via TikTok

Since its start in 2008, Airbnb has brought in over $8.2 billion in revenue. In recent times however, the company has faced competition and sale decline against competitors such as Vrbo and consumer-friendly hotels. Now, people are actively speaking out against the vacation-rental company and sparking the beginning of the end for the platform.

Horror stories of hidden cameras and lazy/obsessive homeowners are a bit of a turn off for someone looking to have a good time. One Reddit thread depicts a multiitde of bad times at Airbnbs, and the list seems to grow by the day.

The recent TikTok clip mentioned above called attention to a new type of Airbnb horror; bossy signs.

The inside scoop of an Airbnb in Montauk showed signs with outrageous requests such as not spraying perfumes or colognes inside of the house.

Among regular rules like “no smoking/no vaping,” were insane propositions. One of which implied that hot water in the shower would be cut off after 8 minutes. Another read “Please do not spray/apply perfume, cologne, or body oils inside studio. Please apply outside.” Because filling the room with lovely fragrances is too much to bear.

The TikToker said in the beginning of his video, “This is just excessive, this is in Montauk.” Towards the end of the clip, he concluded, “everywhere you literally go, there’s a sign, yo.”

Viewers joked in the comments about the obsessive rules, though the humor wasn’t quite enough to cover the fact that Airbnb hosts have gotten out of hand. This one in particular gave viwers the go-ahead to share their Airbnb horror stories as well.

house rules viral tiktok
viral tiktok
viral tiktok
airbnb montauk insane house rules
airbnb montauk insane house rules
airbnb montauk insane house rules
airbnb montauk insane house rules
airbnb montauk insane house rules

The TikTok user mentioned that he understood the basic courtesy signs, but asking their “guests” in a location as wealthy as Montauk to follow this many insane house rules came as a shock to him. From the looks of the studio, the rental seemed to be on the pricey side. It was out of character for that area to be so strict about their tenants.

His video brought in over half a million views and potentially half a million less Airbnb fans.

Do you have any Airbnb horror stories about crazy hosts or insane house rules? Let us know!