50 Cent’s Lawyers Proclaim That He Must Appear Rich Because Many Rap Fans Are Poor And Need Inspiration

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The epidemic of broke rappers in America has reached a new high as the lawyers for 50 Cent proclaimed in court that he must appear rich as an inspiration to poor rap fan everywhere.

50 got in trouble for posting photos of himself surrounded in money recently on Instagram while he was in the middle of his ongoing bankruptcy case. Mr. Cent is reportedly very close to reaching settlement in his bankruptcy case, which would see him pay his creditors to whom he owes upwards of $28 million. Apparently, Cent’s Instagram posts over the past few months flaunting his cash has irked the court.

Today, TMZ has released audio from the court house which find Fif’s representatives explaining to Judge Nevins that their client must appear to be rich in order to please his fans, while also maintaining his personal brand. Also known as “First World 50 Cent Problems.”