27 Celebrity Photoshop Fails That Are Unbelievably Bad

You can’t believe everything you see these days, with the emergence of a ton of apps to easily alter photos people everywhere are becoming their own personal Photoshop experts. Whether you know it or not anytime you scroll down your Instagram your easily laying your eyes on a number of enhanced pictures. A lot of times it’s much more than a filter, it can be manipulating the picture to change the person’s appearance or airbrush somebodies skin Sometimes it’s just little changes that sometimes are difficult even to notice, other times some people don’t seem to be too observant and leave obvious trails of the picture being altered. Celebrities obviously have eyes on them 24/7 so when they slip up with something like a poor Photoshop job you know someone is going to notice. Now, I’m not 100% sure all of these are altered, sometimes haters are just going to hate, but on the other hand some of these are so blatant it’s amazing they were even posted.


A lot of the people on this list seem to build up a track record of their poor use of Photoshop. Some of the celebs that are repeat offenders of the botched Instagram post seems to be: anyone in the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Beyoncé, and Miranda Kerr. I definitely feel wanting to look your best, especially when you’re sharing your image with millions. I understand this is something that happens with models at photo shoots every single day; I just don’t know if they need to be going to these lengths for casual IG pics. If you’re going to decide to alter your pictures you should probably make sure you check it twice or have a buddy look at it. If not you could end up on a list of awful Photoshop jobs just like this one!


1. It’s always smart to mind the gap, folks!

Bey is the queen no matter what! That’s why it makes us so sad to see she’s so blatantly altering her pictures, we love you no matter what! If she doesn’t think she looks good enough, I truly am hopeless.

2. It looks like someone has some explaining to do.

Jordyn Woods and her BFF Kylie Jenner doing a little bit of posing. Too bad Woods decided to add a little bit of her artistic touch, how do you not notice that before you decided to share it?!

3. Is that a part of her costume or a second thumb?

Rihanna is absolutely killing it in this elaborate, beautiful costume that she shared on Instagram. Many fans were quick to point out Riri looks like she manipulated an extra thumb onto her right hand, maybe it’s a part of her costume? Who knows?

4. Amanda Holden’s very trippy dock in the bottom right.

Amanda Holden is best known for being a judge on hit show Britain’s Got Talent, and we think she should probably stick to her regular job because her photoshop skills are just awful.

5. Ariana’s grande sized hand.

Now, I’m not sure if this is the angle or what’s exactly going on but Arianna’s right hand wrapped around her body looks suspiciously elongated.


6. Queen B’s wavy curtains by her hips.


Fan’s seem to think Queen B is a photoshop addict. She pops up on this list multiple times for some pretty obvious pictures. This one might just be some wavy curtains! Either way, fans are calling it a photoshop foul.

7. Not sure why Jessica Alba needs any form of Photoshop at all…

Well, not sure which picture is supposed to be the more attractive one? Both the left and right look like potentially the most beautiful girl in the world? Literally flawless, so unnecessary.

8. This difference between the before picture and published image of J.Law.

This before and after GIF of what they decided to do to Jennifer Lawrence’s body after a photo shoot seems a bit extreme…

9. After Khloe was called out for altering her thigh by the door, she quickly switched it to the original.

Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan are no strangers to the world of Photoshopping. In this picture, Khloe decided to share she strangely tried to alter her thigh? Either way, fans called her out, and she quickly switched the photo for an original.

10. Something looks a bit off with that door frame…

Kim K and Blac Chyna showing off what their mommas gave them! Or what they bought, either way, you know what I’m saying. Fans were quick to point out that doorway and floor tile look a bit wavy, don’t you think?


11. The before and after of Kim K’s photo shoot.

The way they edit Kim’s body in her photoshoots, if she doesn’t look too perfect already let’s just make it even more unrealistic.

12. Ayo Kim, where’s the rest of your arm at?

This one has me a bit stumped, Kim may have decided to touch up her right hip area and accidentally erased her entire forearm? And didn’t notice?

13. Kris Jenner was doing a little touching up of her arm, seems to run in the family.

It does run in the family, look at that obviously altered arm and face Kris Jenner has going on here. Just look at how warped that wood looks, not a very good attempt.

14. Oh no Lindsey, what are you doing.

Lindsey Lohan with a huge swing and miss, I mean not even close. That door frame looks like it’s melting. It looks like if you were looking into one of those mirrors at a fun house or carnival, do they have those anymore?

15. Kris and Gordon Ramsey looking like two wax statues.

Kris Jenner just absolutely blending her face along with Gordon Ramsey’s to the point it’s almost hard to recognize them. This picture is the second worst facial Photoshop mishap I’ve ever seen.