25 Men Reveal The Nicest Compliment They’ve Ever Received From A Woman

In relationships, it almost always seems that men are paying compliments to women to make them feel good about themselves. But, how often do we hear stories of the sweet, kind, and romantic compliments women pay men? Hardly ever. Maybe because men don’t love discussing how good their ladies make them feel, or maybe it’s because women don’t compliment their men often enough. Either way, when men do feel good from their ladies, it’s a very special thing.

Recently, men on Reddit decided to share the adorable and sweet things women have said to them to make them feel good and it’s truly mushy and moving.


Not any specific compliment, but when I was finally putting in the effort in my appearance a friend of mine told how much of a transformation I had gone through and to keep it up. She said it totally unprovoked which was why it was nice.



Early on in our relationship my now wife told me that she usually didn’t sleep well, except when I was there and then she fell asleep easily. Which is especially impressive at the time given we were cramming me (6’3″) and her (5’11”) into a standard twin bed.



My girlfriend doesn’t want kids- can’t stand the idea of carrying a child or having that lifestyle, which I respect. I don’t particularly want children either, but have dabbled with the thought, and if she would ever change her mind, I probably would too. One day she told me “The only reason I would ever consider having a child would be to make more of you”. By far the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me.



Talking to my crush and I asked what she liked about me the most(not random, we were playing a game asking each other whatever we wanted) and she said: “your smile, it always lightsup your face and makes me happy.”

I usually have a pretty depressed look on my face just because that’s the way I look but I’ve had my smile complimented multiple times. This ones my favorite though.



I was singing in my car one day, and didn’t notice these two girls pull up next to me at a stop light. One of them got my attention, and told me I had a wonderful voice.



I had a girl message me the day after hanging out last week that asked me what my skin care regimen was. She claimed my skin was glowing and so plump and flawless. She insisted on knowing what products I used. Iwas flattered to know she picked that up, even though I don’t do anything special.



You’re the type of guy I wish my son grows up to be.



I was walking along the street with my friend, when a young boy and his mother overtook us, and the boy was dumbstruck by me, and was practically walking backwards to stare at me. I was used to it and tried to ignore it. I have dwarfism, making me 4ft tall and my limbs disproportionate to my body. It also affects how I walk. The staring is just part of my life.

Except my friend was absolutely baffled. She asked “What the hell is that kid’s problem?” I laughed, thinking she was just trying to be nice and make me feel better, but I realised by the look on her face that she genuinely didn’t understand what the boy was staring at. I hesitated and said “Well…you know,” gesturing to myself.

She frowned at me for a couple more microseconds, before suddenly looking incredibly embarrassed. “OH, I’m sorry! I totally forgot!”

Seeing her genuine revelation made me so happy, I just started laughing. It felt amazing to know that she 100% saw me as ‘normal’ and couldn’t think why someone would find me strange. I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day. She just felt embarrassed.



Sometimes I make food that my wife requests. I’m nowhere near as good a cook as she is but I can make sure the cheese is grilled. Sometimes after I make her something she asked for she’ll text me saying that it tastes just like her deceased grandmother had made it. For someone who can’t really cook that’s one of the best compliments she gives me.



A little different than most responses here: my stepdaughter told my wife that she (my stepdaughter ) wished she could have a relationship as fun and loving as my wife and I share.

As a guy who grew up with plenty ofbad relationship examples, I was quite proud to hear this.



“You have an amazing body and jawline” – for someone who’s been fat for most of his life and struggled with body-image issues, this was one of the nicest things she could have said.



“You deserve to be happier than you are.”



I dated a girl with a mental illness. It wasn’t schizophrenia, but some other thing where her brain would constantly tell her the people around her could read her thoughts and were plotting against her. I know that sounds like schizophrenia but she was diagnosed and receiving treatment for something I forget the name of.

Anyway …

We were cuddling in bed one night when she turned to me and said, “when I am with you, I don’t need to convince myself that voice is not real. I tell it to shut up, and it’s gone.”

Of all the things any partner has ever said to me, this one will probably stick with me forever.



Maybe not exactly what you asked for but it technically fits so…

Last year I met a very nice lady while playing videogames. She was a fair bit older than me, like around 50 (I’m 17). She is honestly the kindest person I have ever met. We started talking more about some personal stuff and became really close. She told me about her four kids and her struggles to pay the bills and I told her about my mental health issues. Turns out she’s suffered through much of the same things that I’m struggeling with. We try to help and support each other as much as we can.

Well, recently she told me that she cares about me like one of her own boys. I think about that a lot. It really hit me hard.



“I always feel safe with you.”

It meant a lot and was also a huge turn on that she felt like she could trust me to watch out for her and that my presence could give her piece of mind.



Was watching Aladdin with the girlfriend one day. The scene where he steals the bread but ends up giving it to the orphans despite being hungry himself, she points to the TV and says with a big smile, “thats you!”



A girl told me that I had the broadest taste in music of anyone she had ever met.



Grew a beard for the first time. A very attractive girl from the office couldn’t help but look at and say it looks so soft and she would love to run her fingers through it, but immediately snapped back that it was to forward of her to say that. I just laughed and told her to knock herself out. She did and said it’s the softest beard she’s ever felt.



My wife’s good friend asked my wife one time if she could get a clone of me. I thought that was pretty awesome both for my wife and me.



“I think my soul just came.”


h/t: Reddit.