2017 NBA Finals: Afro Edition (GALLERY)

LeBron James and his merry band of Cavaliers tip-off against Steph Curry and the “Ultimate Warriors” tomorrow night in one of the most star-studded NBA Finals of recent memory. The 2017 NBA Finals features ten NBA all-stars, six future Hall of Fame inductees, and enough egos to support an ecosystem on Mars. To help tip-off the festivities, we decided to give the key participants of the NBA Finals an afro. Our hope is that this photo gallery leads to an “All-Afro” NBA Finals rematch between the Cavaliers and Warriors in 2018.

Steph Curry

LeBron James

Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving

Draymond Green

Kevin Love

Klay Thompson

Kyle Korver

JaVale McGee

Andre Iguodala

Inside the NBA Crew

Tyron Lue

Mike Brown