20+ Pictures That’ll Make You Say ‘Aww, Maybe People Aren’t So Bad After All?’

It’s very easy to look around at the headlines and come to the conclusion that our world is a massive pile of trash. It’s even easier to become a little jaded and cynical about it. However, it’s always worth taking a little time to look around and remind yourself that there is a whole lot of good on this Earth that is worth celebrating. Hopefully, these pictures make you realize just that. Try not to be grinning like an idiot by the end of the list, I dare you.

“5-Year-Old Shon Dresses Up To Help Street Cats Because ‘It Makes Him Feel Like A Superhero For Animals”

Kolony Kats

Always Remember Mexico Sent Aid To The U.S. After Hurricane Katrina

“Was Reading At A Coffee Shop And Saw This Guy Looking Up Vet Services For An Injured Sparrow He Had Just Found”


An Honorable Business Owner


The Pigeons Were Crowding This Horse’s Bucket So He Dumped Out Some Feed For Them

Staying Til The End Of The Credits

92 Year-Old Husband Making A Card For His
93 Year-Old Wife


15 Year-Old Anthony Borges Saved The Lives Of 20 Classmates When He Used His Body To Hold The Classroom Door During The Florida Shooting. The Gunman Fired Through The Door, Hitting Him Five Times. What A Hero.


A Kenyan Woman Who Found Her Childhood Friend Addicted To Drugs And Helped Him Through Rehab

She Just Found Out Her Adoption Went Through


We Need More ‘Evil’ In The World


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