20 ‘Game of Thrones’ Theories We Need Answers To In Season 8 Or, We’ll Probably Die

As any Game of Thrones fan knows, we’re only weeks away from the season premiere of the final season of the hit HBO series. That’s right—on April 14, we’ll be one step closer to seeing who (if anyone) gets to sit on that Iron Throne for life. Between the battle of the White Walkers and the battle for the throne, it’s shaping up to be a suspenseful and action-packed final season.

Throughout our short-lived time with the series, many fans have had burning questions that have yet to be answered. Many of us have been anxiously waiting, on the edge of our couch, hoping that showrunners will finally give us that sweet response we have been hoping for. But, alas, we are all the way into Season 8 and still have questions we are demanding answers to.

Recently, BuzzFeed asked their users to share the theories they truly, truly need to be answered in the final season, in order for them to be humbly satisfied with the show in its entirety. And, to be completely honest, I need these answers, too, DAMNIT! 

1. Will a “White Walker” Ned Stark try to kill his last few family members alive?

I want to know, since there looks like the battle of Winterfell will the previous (dead) Stark’s become White Walkers?


2. What’s good with the “Prince Who Was Promised?”

Who really is the Azor Ahai? Missandei said the direct translation is ‘The Prince/Princess That Was Promised’

Could it be that boatsex baby IS the Azor Ahai?


3. Who TF is Jaqen H’ghar REALLY?

The true identity of Jaqen H’ghar! He obviously knows something we don’t. The way he treats Arya and the knowing smirk he gives her when she leaves for Winterfell (and simply the fact that he lets her leave without a knownconsequence) just leads me to think there is something about him that is important. I’ve heard theories that he is Rheagar and given hints throughout the books and show, I’m pretty convinced.


4. Is Jon Snow really a bastard or is this a huge coverup?

I know this was barely mentioned in the show, so I don’t really have hope for it being resolved but I REALLY wants answers to the Ashara Dayne mystery. Apparently, she and Ned Stark were in love. In fact, when Ned came back to Winterfell with Jon pretty much everyone believed Jon was Ashara’s daughter. She slept with someone at the tourney of Harrenhaal. After her brother Arthur Dayne was killed by Ned Stark, she threw herself off a tower and her body was never found. Now she could’ve killed herself out of grief for her brother’s death. OR was she pregnant/had a broken heart? There’s a character in the books Allyria Dayne, who is supposed to be the younger sister of Arthur and Ashara. But what if she was actually Ashara’s daughter?


5. Why does the Night King want to murder the entire world?

What is Night king’s motive?


6. Will Brienne finally tell Jamie the truth?

Will Brienne profess her love to Jamie?


7. Is Gendry even a bastard at all?

Is Gendry really Cersei’s first born child(and only child with Robert) that supposedly died?


8. Will the animals survive?

I need to know that all 3 dragons and the direwolves are going to be okay. People can die, but those creatures are not part of this! This war isn’t their fault!


9. Who is the narrator of the entire story?

Is Samwell the “narrator” of the story?


10. What did Pod really do to those women?



11. What is truly hidden in the crypt?

What is it that’s hidden in the crypts of Winterfell?? Like the stark children(Jon included) dreamt about going down there and Ned Stark too. Jon and Ned felt like they were being watched by the stone kings as they walked further into the crypts so it must mean something is in there, right?


12. What about the whole Sansa/Tyrion marriage?

Will Sansa and Tyrion stay married uniting the Lannister and Stark families?


13. Will Cersei’s brothers be the ones to kill her? And, if so, which one?

Which brother is going to kill Cersei? I want it to be Jamie, but I also want it to be Tyrion.


14. What happened at that brothel?

Tyrion’s started this story, “I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel…” twice now, and we still haven’t heard how it ends.


15. What does Bran have to do with the Night King?

I would like to know if Bran somehow set into motion the white walkers and the Night King’s intentions by meddling in the past the same way that Hodor became Hodor maybe an accident? Why is the Night King so intent on killing all men, what was done to him and why is he seekingthe revenge? Because he was defeated before? I have even seen theories that Bran is the Night King. It’ll be interesting to see how they explain the backstory (if they do).


16. Why is Jon’s name Aegon (or is it even)?

Why did Lyanna name Jon Aegon when his half brothers name was Aegon?!


17. What truly happened between Lyanna and Rhaeger?

I would like to know the whole backstory of Lyanna and Rhaeger, like how they met/fell in love and if maybe Howland Reed will show up to make Jon believe that he is Lyanna‘s son!


18. Is Cersei really preggers? And if so, what’s good with that baby?

Will Cersei give birth to her and Jaime’s offspring before she’s killed?


19. Did Syrio Forel make it out alive?

I’ve always thought that Syrio Forel made it out alive! The last thing he said to Arya was “Not today” so maybe he really did live past that battle. His “death” was left so open ended. I hope he’s okay I loved him so much.


20. Who will win the Game of Thrones once and for all?

Who ends up taking the Iron throne? Or will no one take it?


h/t: BuzzFeed.