The 50 Worst NFL Fan Tattoos Of All Time

Wednesday, 07 May 2014 20:31
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The NFL draft starts tomorrow night and since we've all overdosed on mock drafts we decided it was time to take a moment and mock some NFL superfans instead. 



manning brother tattoos


cardinals fan tattoo


cowboys fan tattoo


tom brady butt tattoo


lions super bowl tattoo


giants tattoo


john elway tattoo


worst colts tattoo


worst lip tattoo


worst steelers tattoo


tummy tattoo fail


tom brady tattoo


redskins teeth tattoo


tebow tattoo


johnny unitas tattoo


lions fan tattoo


patriots tattoo


packers fan tattoo


titans tattoo fail


tampa bay bucs tattoo


RG3 tattoo


patriots fan tattoo


raiders fan tattoo fail


eagles fan tattoo


rams tattoo fail


ravens fan tattoo


texans fan tattoo


tebow praying tattoo


saints fan tattoo



redskins tramp stamp


san francisco 49ers tattoo


al davis tattoo


bears ramp stamp


packers favre tattoo


bills fan tattoo


bengals fan tattoo


browns fan tattoo


cowboys tattoo


eagles fan tattoo fail


lions megatron tattoo


nfl head tattoo


cowboys tattoo fail


dallas cowboys superfan


steelers girl tattoo


jaguars fan tattoos


stevie johnson tattoo



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