The 50 Weirdest Engagement Portraits Of All Time (GALLERY)

Some people really were made for each other and in some cases that's really not a good thing.

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“Knee Faces” Caught in the Wild (GALLERY)

Below you will witness one of the weirdest skin mysteries known to man. These are knee faces caught in the wild, and they'll make you laugh or completely freak you out. What would these knee faces say if they could talk? Well, they'd probably sound like Kuato from Total Recall, and they'd complain about being the neglected middle child of the...

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27 Memes That Prove We’re Completely Addicted to Smartphones (GALLERY)

Are humans addicted to smartphones, cell phones, and mobile devices? Yup! The obsession has gotten so bad, in fact, that there are rehab centers for cell phone addiction and a recent poll discovered that 75% of couples claim iPhones are ruining their relationships. And just in

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People Who Magically Met Their Doppelgangers in Real Life (GALLERY)

Germans believe a doppelganger is a ghostly counterpart of a living person and according to this photo gallery of people who magically bumped into their doppelgangers in real life, they may be right. Or these pictures might represent some of the most magical random occurrences in human history. Randomly meeting someone who looks exactly like you can b

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The 28 Best Truck Signs Spotted on the Open Road (GALLERY)

If you're one of those people always looking for life to give you signs about your future, look no further than truck signs on the open road. Truckers have a lot of time on their hands to think about this silly little game we call life, and it's pretty evident they use that time to create philosophical and funny truck signs. Hopefully this photo gallery of funny trucker signs will serve as a friendly reminder to honk at the next truck you drive

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