This Is What 15 Of Your Favorite Memes Look Like Now

7. Guy Trying to Hold a Fart Next to a Cute Girl in Class:

Photo Credit: Twitter, @McGeezyyy

This may be obvious, but Mike McGee didn’t really need to fart – a friend knew he could make the face, and wanted to tweet it with the breathtakingly funny caption: #bootyhadmelike.

6. Scumbag Steve:

Photo Credit: Twitter, @BlakeBoston617

Blake Boston’s hat is a “New Era Red Sox “A-TOOTH” brown fitted hat,” and there was only an original run of about 1000 of them made. Now it’s so famous that devoted netizens have spent a lot of time trying to track one down, to little avail. Also, Boston is purportedly a very nice dude IRL.

5. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy:

Photo Credit: Instagram, zeddie_little

Zeddie Little‘s famous meme was captured just after he had waved to a friend. Little is a private person, and not much is known about him.

4. I Dunno Girl:

Photo Credit: Instagram, miatalerico101

Mia Talerico was on Disney’s Good Luck Charlie from 2010-2014, and a still captured from the show took her totally viral. Now she’s about to go into 4th grade!

3. Doge:

Photo Credit: Instagram, kabosumama

Doge became popular in 2013, and she even has a cryptocurrency named after her.

2. Hipster Barista:

Photo Credit: Facebook, Dustin Mattson

Dustin Mattson gave a famous interview in Eater Magazine in 2011 that really blew this meme up. He came off like a bit of a jerk, but in later interviews it’s pretty clear that the dude just wants to live a normal life without pictures of himself online that people sh*t all over. Understandable, I think.

1. Grumpy Cat:

Photo Credit: Instagram, realgrumpycat

Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) has been a meme since 2012, and her net worth is around $100 million.

h/t BuzzFeed