Writer Perfectly Explains Why Children Of Abusive Parents Overthink Everything So Much

It’s no secret that our parents have a huge influence on our lives and our upbringing. When our parents have problems, those problems often times reflect on our outlook on the world and our personalities–like, if we have parents who are financially unstable, or mentally unstable.
Dawson, an LA-bases genderqueer writer, shared a story about how growing up with mentally unstable parents can have a huge impact on your life and your personality–like, turning you into a person who over-analyzes details and small things in life.


Dawson posted this on Tumblr:

Many people found the information and stance incredibly relatable and were thankful that someone was able to finally put the way they feel into words.

Sometimes, you never know how many people understand the deepest, darkest parts of yourself.

h/t: BoredPanda.

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