30+ Of The Worst TV Show Plots Of All Time

If you’re a huge TV buff, you’d know that there are many TV shows through the years that were absolutely incredible, minus one or two select parts.

While we love binge watching oldies and our favorite series, there are those storylines we just cannot stand–like, ones we skip over episodes/seasons to avoid. From relationships that should have never, ever happened to deaths we will never get over to the replacement actors we absolutely loathed–some writers and show runners truly made poor decisions to ruin some of the greatest TV series of all time. We rounded up some opinions of our beloved Internet users–and, we could not agree with them more.


39. Billy’s entire character on “Stranger Things.”

Billy’s character was an abusive asshole to Max who tried to run over the boys and beat up Steve. Lots of the women in Hawkins thought he was sexy, but his creeper vibes put me off immediately. And no, that throwaway scene of his dad being abusive didn’t make me particularly sympathetic towards him.


38. The lack of female empowerment at the end of “The Mindy Project.”

The whole series was supposed to be about feminine ambition and independence. Yet they broke up her marriage to a supportive guy, only to make her suddenly get back with her emotionally abusive ex, and have him save her business from going under. For a show about female empowerment, they sure ended on a ‘I need a man’ note.


37. Kara and Mon-El’s relationship in “Supergirl.”

It completely bled any feminist leanings out of the show, putting Kara in a constantly resetting relationship with a guy who repeatedly disrespected her. And yet we’re expected to view that as ~true love~? Then they brought him back for Season 3. Blech. I couldn’t finish the season.


36. The ending of “Bloodline.”

The ending was so weak. My husband and I were legit pissed off after religiously watching for three seasons, only to have it end the way it did. What a complete waste of an amazing show.


35. Rayna’s death on “Nashville.”

Like…WHAT THE HELL?! They should have just ended the show


34. One Tree Hill’s “not so realistic” storyline of high school students.

The fact that in One Tree Hill which is supposed to be about a ‘typical’ group of High schoolers:

One becomes a famous singer
One becomes a famous athlete
One becomes a famous writer
One becomes a famous fashion designer
One becomes (and loses it) a famous sports anchor
And while Peyton is never famous as such she gets straight into the music biz just like that… They all basically become really successful in their dream jobs, immediately – AS IF.

The only realistic one in the whole thing was Bevin who worked in a shop. Bit more representative of an early 20-something no?

Yas Langley

33. When Rory slept with Dean even though he was married on “Gilmore Girls.”

Rory and Dean sleeping together. It was so out of character for Rory who was always seemed so level headed until this moment. She always had pretty high morals and this story arc was definitely wrong for her character.


32. The Elliot Stabler exit from “Law & Order: SVU.”

That Elliot Stabler left Olivia Benson without ever contacting her.
You can’t tell me after being partners for 12 years that he would leave the one-six without a word to her.


31. Mary’s change of character on “7th Heaven.”

When Mary Camden became a “bad girl” on 7th Heaven. She was my favorite character and the writers ruined her. Now, I don’t approve of nude posing anymore than they did, but they should’ve found another actress for Mary’s role. From the episode where she TPs the gym, her storyline became boring, melodramatic, and repetitive. Also, everyone seemed to hate her for no reason.


30. The random romance between Dan and Blaire on “Gossip Girl.”

When Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey were a thing, they really got on my nerves. It was one of the biggest turn off in Gossip Girl.


29. The “big move” on “Weeds.”

Everything about Weeds after they left Agrestic. That suburb was a fully realized character in the show. It was the center point of the entire intro. That show lost its soul when the town burned down and Nancy took the family to that beach town. The show was just terrible from that point on.


28. The ending of “How I Met Your Mother.”

How I Met Your Mother. I started watching it in reruns last year and watched the entire series. I got to the the very last episode, found out the mom had been dead for a while and was just angry. I feel like I screamed at the tv….”I want all the hours I spent watching this show back!” Seriously, why center an entire show around a dead character. Then he ended up wanting to date Robin again. Dumbest. Ending. Ever.


27. That jump across time with “Parks and Recreation.”

I hated when Parks and Recreation decided to jump 2 years in the future, and we lost all info on it. I stopped watching after that.


26. Glee’s decision to make Beiste transgender.

When Glee writers decided to make Beiste transgender. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for more diversity, but her entire struggle was to accept herself as a WOMAN. The character was such a good example for girls stuggling with their own femininity. It was lazy writing and I was not thwre for it.


25. Ross and Rachel’s entire relationship throughout “Friends.”

Ross in general and his relationship with Rachel. Ross is just so misogynistic and rude to his friends and Rachel. He started off as a pretty great character but they turned him into someone I extremely dislike. Rachel deserves someone 100% better and it makes me sad that she couldn’t see that and just go to Paris!


24. Sammi coming back on “Shameless.”

Shameless- the return of sammi. She completely fucked up ian and mickey. Sending Mickey to jail totally messed up their future. They could’ve eventually worked on their relationship but now the chance of them being endgame with mickey stuck in mexico is super slim.


23. Maggie trying to replace Lexie on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Greys Anatomy- Maggie. The whole character is whiny annoying and the unnecessary. You already did the sister thing, don’t replace Lexie!!


22. The fake-out with Melody on “Doctor Who.”

In Doctor Who, when they made this Huuuge deal of rescuing Amy and her baby, Melody. And then it turns out they were tricked, they didn’t save Melody, and fake baby Melody literally melted in Amy’s arms. Then come to find out, Melody is actually Dr Riversong. Like I get it, interesting twist guys. But SHE LOST HER BABY. Amy didn’t get to raise her or watch her grow up, anything. And they spend so little time on that fact, just jumping on to the next adventure. And I know that Amy didn’t know she was pregnant till she was giving birth (lol). But STILL. She lost her effing baby.


21. Pretty Little Liar’s “A” reveal that came off as transphobic.

PLL’s Charlotte reveal. Terribly done, terrible storyline. They could have done a trans storyline so well if they had really tried. Instead it came off transphobic and harmful, and frankly, it wasn’t shocking. My mouth didn’t drop like when Mona was revealed, or when Toby was revealed. Even Ezra’s reveal was better! Plus, they’re the leading show of LGBT women deaths, even though it’s a supposedly ‘lgbt friendly’ show.


20. Nurse Jackie’s relapse–not once but twice.

when Nurse Jackie relapsed on the day of her year sobriety, LIKE CMON, then she got sober again towards the end of the show BUT THEN SHE DID IT AGAIN ON THE LAST EPISODE LIKE WOW


19. Andy turning into a major douche on “The Office.”

The last season of The Office where Andy went from loveable and relatable to a total douche. I know they did it because Ed Helms had other obligations, but there had to have been a better way instead of him being an selfish boyfriend to Erin and being an overall jerk to his coworkers. It was very out of character.


18. A high school football show turning into a murder mystery on “Friday Night Lights.”

The muder plotline in season 2 of Friday Night Lights. Weird, out if character, and not of a piece with the tone of the show at all. The weakness of season 2 is infamously blamed on the writer’s strike, but… the writers wrote the murder plot and I’m not sure how having a whole season to wrap it up would have made it better?


17. Rosanne–need I say more?

Roseanne, winning the lottery and dan cheating. It just took the whole context of the show and flushed it down the toilet. We had grown to love the white trash family and Roseanne and Dan’s relationship over the years, so it was hard to watch the final season.


16. Michael’s exit on “Jane the Virgin.”

When they killed off Michael in Jane the Virgin!!!!! I have been Team Michael since the very first episode. It absolutely broke my heart, he and Jane were so perfect together! I couldn’t keep watching the show after that…for me, the show ends before that heartbreaking moment and they live happily ever after in my mind!!


15. Randy as a character on “That 70’s Show.”

Anything involving Randy in That 70s Show. Actually pretty much all of season 8 of That 70’s show.


14. JD’s bad-luck on “Scrubs.”

JD’s “bad luck” streak in the sixth season of Scrubs. Made me hate him as a character. Oh, and the whole “I have Elliot now I don’t want her thing” from the 3rd season. It’s a shame because it’s such a good show but those two things make those seasons so hard to watch.


13. Anything involving Dorne on “Game of Thrones.”

The Dorne storyline in Game of Thrones… I love the show so much but the sand snakes were so cringey. If it had been done right it would have been a great chance to show some badass female characters but instead we got “You want a good girl, but you need the bad poosey”


12. The horrible new seasons of “New Girl.”

Recent seasons of New Girl. Jess finds the PERFECT guy to date for a few episodes, and everything is great, but then in the span of a single episode the writers make questionable flaws that makes Jess break up with them. Like with Nick, they were great and then the next one the broke up because they couldn’t build a piece of furniture.

Or Sam, who blew off his coworker and assured Jess she meant nothing, only to run off and get married to her in the next episode because “of Nick”. Or that British dude, who wasn’t even written into the episode they broke up in. Or Robbie, who was written off as jess’s cousin???

I could go on forever. This show is just dragging on, honestly.


11. Carrie braking Aiden’s heart–again–on “Sex & the City.”

Carrie and Aiden the second time around in season four, why on earth bring him back only to have her to break his heart again. Why even have them get engaged and move in together. Still angers me when I re watch the series. Poor Aiden deserved better.


10. Killing off Charlie in “Supernatural.”

When Supernatural (spoiler alert) killed off Charlie. I was crying I was so angry and upset. It could have been avoided and was absolutely pointless. The only thing it added to the show was about five minuets of extra angst, which, being Supernatural, the show already had plenty of. Not to mention that she was a giant nerd and openly queer. It was made so much worse when the actors said that they had been arguing with the directors AS THEY WERE FILMING IT! The plot that season was already getting a bit convoluted for me at that point, and I only watched until the mid-season finale. I used to be a big fan, and I still love the actors, but I haven’t been able to get into it since then.


9. Queerbaiting in “Riverdale.”

I HATE that Riverdale’s first episode included a full-blown mouth kiss between Betty and Veronica, but then they never mention anything about it again. They’re both just pursuing boys and they never date or kiss again. Queerbait much?


8. The incest storyline in “Dexter.”

Dexter: the last season was just a big fish flop. First of all, the incest storyline! I don’t care if Debra and Dexter weren’t biological siblings. They were raised together! As siblings! Ew! And then ending it with Debra dying and Dexter becoming a lumberjack? Really?

Laura Squires

7. When Felicity “time travels.”

The last 5 episodes of the last season of Felicity where she “time travels”. The show was suppose to end and then the network added more episodes leading to a time travel plot. Just stop watching after “The Graduate”.”


6. The love triangle on “The Vampire Diaries.”

The love triangle in vampire diaries with Elena Stefan and Damon. It was exciting at first but after a while it became really obvious Elena should be with Stefan and it just got annoying when she was with Damon


5. Numerous poor storylines on “Party of Five.”

ummmmm Charlie having a child on Party of Five, Charlie getting cancer on Party of Five, Bailey and Sarah consistently breaking up and getting back together on Party of Five, and Julia sleeping, and then dating, her college roommate’s boyfriend. So many poor storylines… yet, still one of my favorite shows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


4. Olivia Pope’s love interest on “Scandal.”

Olivia Pope continuously getting back together with President Fitz. She’s too good for him and his character bugs me


3. The switched at birth storyline on “Desperate Housewives.”

On desperate housewives when gaby and Carlos found out their daughter was switched at birth. It was so random and it was just an excuse to have gaby go mental. It lasted way too long and didn’t make sense cause grace and Celia would have been biological sisters and looked nothing alike.


2. Penny and Leonard ending up together on “The Big Bang Theory.”

Penny and Leonard getting married on Big Bang Theory. They have literally changed nothing about their lives or the way they relate to one another.

Elizabeth Culver Edwards

1. George and Susan on “Seinfeld.”

George Costanza and Susan’s relationship, especially their engagement. She must have had severe low self esteem to settle for him in the first place, but then he’s the one who felt trapped? Ugh. And then they killed her, and Elaine’s response was, “I’m so…..sorry? ……George?” Like she knew he was probably elated about her death. Jesus.

Crista Rainey Buckley