25 Women Who Are Probably Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Being a woman sucks sometimes!

We have to deal with the gender pay gap, not feeling safe without taking self-defense classes, and most exhausting of all, none of our clothes have any semblance of a pocket.

It’s an exhausting struggle and these women had some huge fails that top all of those.

1. “When you’re 5’1” but still think it will look the same on you as it does on the model…”

2. “Decided to get my hair done professionally after doing it myself for 3 years. What I asked for vs what I got. Can’t wait to spend my whole weekend fixing it.”

3. “The dress ordered vs. the dress received”

4. “Was excited for everyone to have some cookies, but then I looked into the oven…”

5. “Cats knocked over every single one of my makeup brushes this morning… into their freshly shat in litter box :))”

6. “My friend wants to go to school to be a hairdresser, I let her practice on my hair…”

7. “I bought some ‘accent’ lashes. They look so natural.”

8. “Dress vs. dressing that could cover a wound.”

9. “The diamond in my ring fell out today. It came with a 10-year workmanship guarantee. Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary.”

10. “My daughter spilled nail polish remover on the table.”

11. “Looks like I blued myself. This is going to be my look for a while”

12. “When your nail does this for no apparent reason and then gets stuck EVERYWHERE.”

13. “When you faceplant with makeup on.”

14. “Found an old makeup primer that is roughly ten years old. This is the old size compared to the size they currently sell – 30ml to 12ml. Same price.”

15. “Wore a shower cap overnight so my freshly dyed hair wouldn’t stain my pillowcase. Got dye on it anyway. Guess I have a ’freshly dyed’ set of bed linens now…”

16. “The accuracy of the dress..”

17. “Finally managed to open one of these impossible-to-open-without-nails bath bombs only to discover it came with reinforcements…”

18. “Hey, can you grab a cool IG-style pic of me walking straight into this wave? Thanks, buddy…”

19. “If you have ever ordered a bra online that doesn’t fit properly cause the padding makes it all uncomfortable, stiff, and bulgy, do this!”

20. “What my mom ordered my wife for Christmas vs What arrived”

21. “What I requested and what I got. Cost me $150. I’m going to get my hair fixed elsewhere.”

22. “Accidentally knocked my makeup sponge into my wine.”

23. “Got a new curling iron, guaranteed to not snag!”

24. “My sister’s makeup bag after my dad accidentally sat on it…”

25. “I sneezed while curling my eyelashes.”