Women Share What Plastic Surgery They’d Get If Money Was No Object (20 Posts)


This entire Reddit thread from u/Technical_Feed_3805 could become quickly depressing — a bunch of women who see something so wrong with themselves because society conditioned us to hate our bodies that they’d cut it out…


But there were some gems of answers in here too. Let’s take a perusal, shall we?

1. Priorities

I got this wee pea size tumor in my brain, I’d like to get that removed first.


2. Breast size

Breast reduction, I can’t take the back ache and neck strain anymore.


3. Acne removal

Not necessarily plastic surgery, but acne removal. I’m a grown adult and I have the worst acne I’ve ever had in my life on my face, chest, shoulders, arms, back, and even on my boobs. I’ve had STRANGERS make comments on it and it plummets my self esteem. I just want to look in the mirror for more than 30 seconds without crying or picking at my skin until it bleeds.


4. Extra skin

I lost 120lbs and want to remove my extra skin and get breast implants. I don’t think my body looks bad but being tighter would be nice.


5. So many things

Breast lift and reduction, maybe some lip filler (nothing drastic though, just like… my lips but better). Also whatever the one is called where they give you a sharper jaw, I’ve always had a really soft jaw and I’ve always hated it. Oh and some botox, but thats because I hear it helps with sweating.


6. Breasts

I’ve heard mixed reviews on this online but I would 1000000% recommend. They changed my life and I feel so much better about my body.

complicated capers

7. Chin

I would buy a chin


8. Hair removal

I wouldn’t get any plastic surgery, but if I could have a different type of procedure done without worrying about money, I’d totally want laser hair removal. My hair grows back way too fast and too much. I’d love to just get it all lasered off and then not have to deal with it anymore.


9. Spider veins

Removal of varicose/spider veins (I’m 30)


10. Become a man

If surgery could be trusted… I’d be glad to lose the breasts. Always hated having breasts. If I could be allowed to go further, I’d become male. Failing that, if there were a way to get my hands to look younger. Ever since my partner said something unintentionally mean some years ago I could never get it off my mind. He ruined that for me.


11. Breast Reduction

Breast reduction and a monsplasty cause I gotta FUPA.


12. Veneers

Veneers are sooo beautiful! I just think of what it looks like underneath. Did you see Ashley Graham’s photos when one of hers fell off?! 😂


13. Nose

I’d get my nose done because I badly need sinus surgery and they might as well make it look nicer when they fix it. Some lipo on my tummy.


14. Nothing

I wouldn’t. I dislike so much about my body that I know it’s likely not at all about my body. A few years of therapy would likely do me a lot more good than any plastic surgery could. So I went back to therapy and had my first session with a new therapist a few weeks ago.


15. We love me

Probably that little roll under my belly button. I’m in no way skinny, some soft curves, but I love my body. So does my man.


16. Teeth

Just the teeth and a jaw realignment.


17. Jawline

Whatever procedure would define my jawline.


18. Gender

I want a penis. I kind of want a reduction but I might cry if my stress balls gets smaller. Oh yeah and I’m probably on my way to being legally blind so if there aren’t any health risks I might get one of those things that would strengthen my eye veins(can’t remember the name) and get my eye sight better (Laser surgery I think)


19. Tall

I really just want to be tall, so whatever can do that.


20. Just lipo

Just lipo, maybe a tummy tuck. I like my body, but man I’d go into debt for a flat stomach