Women Are Sharing Their Traumatic Stalker Stories On Twitter And They’re Horrifying

In today’s day and age, it’s incredibly scary to be a female walking alone. For some reason, men find the isolated woman to be a sign to pounce. More often than not, women who walk alone and travel alone leave themselves open to danger and unforeseen attacks.
As unfortunate as it is, it’s inherently true. One Twitter user, Gabriella, shared the story of how she courageously helped a stranger on the street when she was being followed by a man for several blocks.

Her tweet has since inspired other women to share their own stories of stalking and following–and in all honesty, they are horrifying and sad.

Clearly, these kind of situations are not uncommon and happen more often than people think. Sadly, women are in more danger when they’re alone. It’s important for women to always have an ICE number on their phone handy. It doesn’t hurt to carry pepper spray and mase in your purse, as well. And, when you see someone who may be in danger–do something. Standing by and doing nothing can leave an innocent sister in danger.

If you see something, always say something.

Lex Gabrielle

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