Video Shows Madwoman Launching A Chair Off 30th Floor Balcony Onto Busy Street

A video of a woman tossing a folding chair off the balcony of the 45th story of a high-rise building onto a highway went viral this week and Toronto police have been searching since Monday for the woman responsible, who can be clearly seen in the video. Police revealed that the woman, 19-year-old Marcella Zoia, turned herself in after being identified by the public and now faces common nuisance and mischief charges.

No one was hurt by the stunt, which is very fortunate because this could have been very bad.

The video, which looks like it was originally posted to Snapchat, has a banner across it reading “Good morning.” In the clip, the woman picks up the chair and tosses it over the railing of the balcony; the camera follows it as it falls.

Constable David Hopkinson told CP24 that the chair was “almost beyond recognition” when it was found on the sidewalk. “We are talking 30 floors up, a metal chair, in front of a condo building where anybody could be walking under it,” Hopkinson said. He added, “When you look at this video, anybody would look at it and think this is very, very dangerous.”

Julia Mazurick, a resident of the building the chair was thrown from, told CityNews that when she saw the chair on the sidewalk, she assumed the wind had blown it off someone’s balcony. She became angry when she watched the video and learned the truth.

“It could have killed me. I walk in and out of this door multiple times a day. My husband walks out of here. There’s people with babies, with pets, dog walkers, everything,” she said. “I don’t think there’s anything funny—I don’t know what kind of state of mind you would have to be in actually to think that would be funny.”

A Toronto police officer told CityNews, “How can you do something like that, that appears so callous? We’re looking at video of something that could absolutely cause somebody’s death. Is she trying to harm somebody? Is her intent to throw the chairs on somebody specific? If that’s the case, we’re talking very, very serious either weapons or assault charges. Highest level you can think of.”

h/t: ScaryMommy