Woman Asks If She’s Wrong About Not Wearing A Bra To Work

The Venn diagram of my interest in breasts and worker’s rights has finally overlapped. This is the story I was born to cover. Frankly, I’m interested in any Venn diagram because they all vaguely look like a drawing of boobs. But this is actually an important question one woman asked on Reddit: can anyone at your job request that you start wearing a bra.

I’m just happy we’re here talking about it. It’s important to know you have rights as an employee. Your boss and coworkers can’t tell you what to wear. Dress for the job you want, they say. That’s why I wear nothing but a cock sock to work. Can you guess the job?

But, I digress. We’re here to see what the internet had to say about the woman who was asked at work to start wearing a bra.

Here’s the story of a woman who finally returned to her office only to be told that a bra was now part of the dress code:

She laid it all out for the world to see:

This is easily the most absurd controversy that I have been involved in, in my life.

Day 1 of my new job. I wear a sweater and pants to work. I do not wear a bra. I have never worn a bra for two years at my previous job, and nobody has ever brought it up. I obviously have not been wearing a bra at home for the past year, during lockdown. I hate bras, I find them very uncomfortable and unnecessary. Two people come up to me during the day, and say that what I’m wearing is inappropriate and that I should wear a bra to work. This is a new job, I don’t even know any of these people. I’m literally wearing a sweater, you can’t see anything, I’m all covered up. (You can’t see anything except the shape of my boobs, I guess). One woman literally told me these words, as she was complaining about my clothes. I have large boobs, but I feel that what I’m wearing is completely normal.

By day 2 of the job, things had gotten worse:

Day 2 of my new job. I do not wear a bra, but I wear a t-shirt and a jacket on top of that. I am dressed even more conservatively that day 1. Two more people give me similar criticisms again. One of them is the secretary of my supervisor, so this is getting serious. I mention to her that the office literally has no dress code, and that employees can wear what is comfortable. She says that there is still an unspoken etiquette to be followed. She also mentioned that the shape of my boobs were clearly visible.

For the two years I spent at my prev office, I did not wear a bra once. I usually wore sweaters or t-shirts or blouses, most of the time along with a jacket. Even though I may have large breasts, I did not see it as inappropriate or a problem. AITA here?

The internet had more questions since, after all, we’re talking about boobs here. We need more information:

You can’t see my nipples through my clothes. A lot of you seem to be under that impression. Apparently, it’s obvious that I’m not wearing a bra, even though my nipples are not visible


So… is she the jerk for not wearing a bra to work or are people in the office the ones who should be ashamed?

1. One person had a nuanced answer, but still says it’s not her fault.

The real question is whether this is a hill that you want to die on. Bras are a pretty standard attire requirement, reasonable or not. As the new person in the office, you do not have the credibility to push back on that expectation without serious career repercussions. If people notice you are not wearing a bra, something about your outfit was off.

I say you are NTA, but you need to wear a bra or find some way for it to be unnoticeable that you are bra-free if you want to be able to focus on your work at work.


2. Another person says she should wear it.

I am afraid that even if you do not see it as inappropriate, your new workplace does. To the extent that 4 people over 2 days have said something to you. That was your supervisor sending a message via the secretary, by the way.


3. Another cold vote for the woman wearing something appropriate.

YTA. This is not your previous office. Whatever you think about how much shows people can tell you have no bra. You have been told multiple times it is unacceptable for this office. Wear a bra or find another place to work.


4. Someone said it’s unprofessional.

NAH – However, in a professional setting, no one should be able to tell you aren’t wearing a bra. If they can tell, it’s unprofessional and inappropriate.


5. Another unclear answer.

I’m honestly conflicted about this one. Women’s breasts should be normalized, but society isn’t there yet and it is usually very noticeable. If I see it out and about, I don’t think much about it, but I would be surprised to see someone without one on in a formal workplace. I think context about what you do for work can also be a factor if you work with clients.

Overall I’m saying NAH (no assholes here) because it should be normal, but I understand it making people uncomfortable because it’s not yet. If I were you, I would wear sports bras/bralettes/camis just to keep the peace since it’s a new workplace and you don’t want to be starting off on the wrong foot.


It seems that the answer is “that’s tough, but you should probably wear a bra.”

h/t Reddit: r/askreddit