White Man Spews Racial Slurs At Church Youth Group And Sucker Punches Their Pastor At McDonald’s

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The “Summer Of Racist Rage” has seen so many examples of white people harassing people of color, either by shouting at them for no reason, chasing them down in cars, or even killing them with impunity. The latest racial tantrum comes from a man in Idaho who seems pretty pissed off at “half-breeds” in his McDonald’s. He even assaulted a youth pastor.

A church youth group from Spokane, Washington recently took a trip to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to hear a guest preacher speak. Then their youth pastor, Jose Ceniceros, treated them to some ice cream at the local McDonald’s. Unfortunately, a loudmouth racist, 52-year-old Richard Sovenski, “treated” Ceniceros to a sucker punch and then yelled racial slurs at the kids.

“Why don’t you get a f–kin‘ job. I will f–k you up in a f–kin’ heartbeat you f–kin’ little f–got. Oh you f–k you, you f–kin’ half breed,” Sovenski can be heard screaming at the high school kids. His buddy in the star spangled shorts even grabs his crotch (which also seems disrespectful to the flag, tbh). “Get the f–k out of Idaho,” he says. “F–k you, you f–kin’ half breeds,” he continued.

Sovenski was arrested following the incident and charged with misdemeanor battery and felony malicious harassment under Idaho’s hate crime statute.

The kids couldn’t really believe it,” Ceniceros told the Inlander. “Five minutes earlier we were in church.”

Twitter knew exactly who to blame for the recent explosion of racist rage:

Trump, along with his enablers in the right-wing media and his allies in Congress, have uncorked a bottle of explosive racism and the only way we can fight back is to keep filming, keep posting, and to VOTE as many of them out in November as possible. Get registered and make racists afraid again.

h/t: Percolately