White Guy’s Reaction To Latino Men Drinking On The Sidewalk Surprises Everyone

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In today’s political climate, it’s almost as though I need to brace myself before reading anything online. With Donald Trump temporarily occupying the White House, people believe that being openly racist is totally okay and normal. Newsflash–it’s not, never has been, never will be.
But, sometimes people surprise you and do something that’s completely unexpected of them. Recently on Twitter, Shannon shared a video that has pleasantly surprised everyone online. While this kind of kindness and acceptance shouldn’t be surprising, unfortunately, this is the time we live in where a little bit of brotherly love goes way further than you’d ever expect.

Shannon wrote:

This white guy just pulled up in front of my local Mexican restaurant in his big truck, blaring music and saw a group of young Latino men drinking on the sidewalk. He rolled down the window, everyone paused warily. Then he shouts: “I love you, brothers! Fuck Trump! Let’s dance.”

The video is truly incredible.

Shannon added:

And, after the tweet blew up on Twitter and people began sharing and commenting on it, she said:

People on Twitter were truly touched to see that in a world full of Neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists, this type of kind individuals still does exist.

We agree, 150%. This is the kind of America we all want to live in, and should. Spread the love, people.