Couple Decides To Serve Only Water At Their Wedding And Gets The Roasting They Deserve

And had the gall to wonder if they were jerks for it. Imagine being this much of an absolute boob…


Redditor u/Odd_Conversation5087 recently posted on the AITA subreddit to wonder if they were wrong for “having a dry wedding and serving only water for drinks”… Y’all, I have no words, so let me let the original poster speak for me.

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OP explains that they are planning a fairly large wedding and are paying for pretty much everything.

Ok so basically my husband and I are getting married later this year. Each of our sides of the family are fairly big. It will be around 100-150 people total. My husband and I are paying for this all ourselves, as well as my grandma who said she doesn’t care one way or the other on this issue. She just loves weddings.

They are NOT making the wedding child-free (good, well done) but are making it dry (ugh, why).

We have a lot of kids in our family so we decided against making it child-free but we did decide to make it dry. So there will be no alcohol of any kind at our wedding. Honestly, this doesn’t have anything to do with there being kids there but due to the fact that my fiancé and I don’t drink.

OP is imposing their own decisions on everyone around them — they don’t drink, so no one else at their wedding can. In fact, OP and husband really only drink water.

Nothing against people who do, it’s just not for us and we don’t want to. On top of that, we only really drink water. We rarely, if ever, drink soda so most of the time it’s only water with the occasional juice and milk. We don’t even drink coffee.

So they decided: let’s only serve water (???) and splurge on the food.

So obviously the food (which is a part my grandma is not paying for) is going to be expensive for that many people. We are having our wedding catered so everyone will have a good choice of food to choose from but to drink only water will be provided. We don’t want to have to pay for alcohol or soda, it is just an large added expense when we can just do filtered water for a MUCH cheaper cost.

…Yeah. They’re cheap. They’re just cheap. Their friends and family are annoyed and, bless them, actually said something to OP.

Well, when family and friends found out being got angry. Some didn’t really care but some are really upset about it. Saying that I can just have an open bar so I don’t have to pay for drinks (we could, but still have to pay for the bartender and we just really don’t want to bother with alcohol there). Or we should at least have soda because how can we expect everyone to drink ONLY water? The kids will be upset. The wedding will be boring. That this is not how weddings work. Etc.

And now OP wants to know if this decision was in poor taste.

So AITA? I didn’t think this would be a problem! It’s only water. I mean, don’t most people drink water everyday anyway? Should we pay the extra to have soda to make the family happy?

Yes. Yes it was. Reddit was quick to agree that the happy couple is a couple of a-sholes.

Sea_Rise_1907 / Reddit

“I hope that in 20 years everyone still saying “you remember that wedding we had to smuggle in a 2 liter of pepsi”,” joked one user.

Another was quick to point out how a lot of people aren’t water drinkers, “YTA – I don’t have anything against dry weddings but surely you can offer something other than just water. Iced Tea? Lemonade? Something with flavor? When my cousin had a dry wedding she served sodas. Your guests are not likely to think it’s very celebratory if you just serve water. And you would be surprised by the number of people who NEVER drink water, let alone do it at celebrations.”

So what do you think — asshole or naw?