45 Times UPS Drivers Encountered Adorable Dogs Who Love Delivery Day As Much As Their Owners

UPS drivers deliver packages and treats while cute dogs deliver smiles and love in return.

You know the age-old tale of mail carriers and dogs being archnemeses? Well, forget everything you’ve heard because there are some adorable exceptions to the rule. It turns out, some UPS drivers have become best buds with the pups on their routes. Some dogs eagerly await the big brown truck as if it’s Santa’s sleigh coming down the street.

Sure, we can’t ignore the fact that some dogs are naturally protective of their territory, leading to less-than-friendly encounters. But amidst the barks and growls, there are moments that are just too heartwarming to overlook. These moments remind us that with a bit of patience, training, and a few tasty treats, even the fiercest guard dog can become a delivery day fan.

Enter the UPS Dogs Facebook community—a delightful corner of the internet dedicated to showcasing these unexpected friendships. From wagging tails to excited jumps, these dogs greet their UPS pals with all the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning. It’s a beautiful reminder that even in the most routine parts of our day, like getting a package delivered, there’s potential for joy and connection.

1. When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind, Have One Of Each! Harbor Springs, Mi

2. Brad In Sturgeon Bay, WI Being Bombarded By Great Pyrenees Pups

3. Hello From Burlington, MA

4. Hello From Oak Hill, WV

5. I Stopped My Truck And Before I Knew It, I Had A Helper. Sugarland, Texas

6. Hello From Monterey, CA

7. Holly The Collie From Cape Girardeau, Missouri Enjoyed Meeting Our UPS Delivery Man In Person!

8. Dex Is Ready For Work After The Game Last Night… Hagerstown, MD

9. Attack Dog. Camp Pendleton, California. Louise

10. Bell Bell Loves Her UPS Driver In Mexico Beach Florida

11. Hello From Nova Scotia

12. Half A Box Of Treats At One Stop! Courtney Bernasky Mcalester Ok

13. Patiently Waiting For A Treat

14. My Fiancé Corey Is A Driver Out Of Livonia, MI UPS. He Delivers To Our Home And Has Lunch With Family Each Day; This Week He’s Been Working Hard Helping Train His New Puppy Penny. She Wasn’t Even Scared Of The Truck Starting Up When Dad Had To Leave And Is Looking Forward To Having Him Home All Weekend!

15. Copper Is The Sweetest Boy! He Loves Everybody And Loves Getting A Treat! Auburn, AL

16. Buddy Saying Hi In South Hero, VT

17. Hello From Mesa, AZ

18. Piper Loves When Steve Holds Her And Monte Loves Seeing Steve In Wales, Wi When He’s Got A Delivery For His House……… He’s Got The Best Treats

19. Snowball: Looked Me Right In The Eyes And Said Promise! Me: Promise You Got My Last Treat, I Don’t Have Anymore. Snowball: *pouts*. Huntsville, TX

20. We Were Leaving Our Vet’s Office In Vonore, TN When Our Newfoundlands (Elsa And Solomon) Spotted The UPS Man

21. Hello Shorewood, Minnesota

22. Hello From Chillicothe, Ohio

23. Harvest Time In Nebraska. This Dog Was Sharing The Wealth

24. She Always Has To Bring Me A Stick To Play Fetch And Can’t Get Enough. No Stick To Big, No Stick Too Small. The Older One Just Wants The Treats

25. Hector Is Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He Was Born In Wisconsin At Sand Spring Chesapeakes But Now Lives In Alabama. His Hobbies Are Anything Water, Helping His Poppa On The Farm, Giving Lots Of Snuggles And Kisses And Hopefully, One Day, Driving The Big Brown Truck

26. This Is The Only Delivery Guy I Have Ever Seen Go Up To My Beautiful But Misunderstood Girl And Give Her Lovings! Zoe Just Loves Her Mr. Shoemaker From Boothwyn, PA

27. Meeks, Bella And Daisy Mae Saying Hi From Decatur TX

28. Marvin Dressed Up As Me For Halloween! Quite The Surprise! Somerville, MA

29. Merry Christmas From UPS Dogs

30. Foster-Dane, Max, Is Still New To The Idea Of Surprise Stops From ‘Cookie Lady’ Debbie!! We Love Our UPS Driver! Thomasville, NC

31. Our Malinois, Rita, Loves Playing Catch With Her Favorite Driver In Pointe-Aux-Chenes, Louisiana

32. They Are My Three Favorite Customers, They Love The Service From UPS, Every Time They Are Happy To See Me Arrive, I Don’t Understand Why, (Cookies Maybe???) The Breed Of These Dogs, Bergers De Beauce Origin Of France!

33. Brewster NY… Just Me And My Old Gal “ Sophie”… She My Be An Ol Gal Of 13 Yrs But…. She Loves It When I Make Deliveries To Her Owners Business And Then Come Back Later For The Pick UPS! She’s A Push Over For “ Cuddles And Hugs”

34. Rick Always Makes Time At The Animal Shelter For A Photo Session With Shelter Greeters Meeko And Archie! He’s The Best! Fairfield, Iowa

35. UPS Driver And Luna In Napa Valley

36. Pups From Rainier, Washington

37. We Love Our UPS Driver! Sanford, NC

38. “Eli” The Biggest And Sweetest German Shepherd In All Of Huntsville, TX

39. Coco Waits By The Window Every Day For Jeremy (Watertown UPS Pal). She Helps Him With The Packages And Waits Patiently For His Hugs And Cookies. We Love You Jeremy!!

40. Capitola CA. Thanks!!!

41. They Just Help Themselves To The Treats Around Here. Atlantic, Iowa

42. The Is Jen With Benny In Northville. Benny Is Blind And Deaf, But Still Likes To Socialize. Jen Works Out Of The Livonia, Michigan

43. Hello From Brookline, MA

44. Hello From Tehachapi, California

45. 8 Corgis Decided To Greet My UPS Husband Looking For Treats And Attention. Keene, New Hampshire

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