20 Of The Best Unintentionally Hilarious Pics On God’s Green Internet

@meganfinger / Twitter

If the internet is good for anything, it’s a good laugh, right?

Given the news of the world lately, it’s important to find pockets of happiness wherever you can, so I’m glad to share the images we pulled from the Reddit sub ‘Accidental Comedy’. The group shares unintentional humor via image and it’s great to keep a smile on your face.

1. Oh, Megan!

@meganfinger / Twitter

2. Well done, editor

Braveexplorer65 / Reddit

3. Massage sounds nice

Yolo_Person / Reddit

4. I hope they meet

samfox11223 / Reddit

5. It’s a hornet nest.

Surely_no_robot / Reddit

6. Long live Queen Charles

HappyChecks / Reddit

7. To the cemetery

flopsychops / Reddit

8. Look out, Nana!

keith2301 / Reddit

9. That’s one way to cope

keith2301 / Reddit

10. I see it too.

Marky-mark-1988 / Reddit

11. So it is

12. Air guitar

13. RIP baby

14. The twig

15. Middle school funny

16. Lights went out


18. Appropriate

19. A mystery

20. The shadow