Twitter Is Having Heart Palpitations Over The New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Trailer

As many Grey’s Anatomy fans know, Season 15 is on the way over from Shondaland. While some complain that the show should have ended ages ago, there are others (like myself) who still loyally watch every week.

As Season 15 is on the way, ABC dropped a short, but jam-packed trailer to get fans excited for the 2-hour (yes I said 2-HOUR) premiere. Brace yourselves, things look rather crazy.

So, let’s see what we have here…

A) Something happens in the operating room (possibly a death?!?)

B) There are not one, but two hot new doctors joining the team–one of which is the first openly gay doctor on Grey’s.


AND, that’s not even mentioning the Teddy/Owen situation where Teddy might be pregnant with his baby, right after Amelia realizes she does want to be with Owen. Also, what about Jackson and Maggie’s weird “family” love/relationship? Also, also, what is Miranda doing while Teddy “takes over” for her? Also–MEREDITH AND DELUCA?!?!?

Now, I’m not the only fan who is freaking out. In fact, Twitter has been flatlining over the new information since…well…since it went live.