Twitter Is Having A Meltdown After Learning Ariana Grande And Cardi B Are The Same Age

It’s always hard to tell how old celebrities are–seeing as they have professional hair and makeup done every day, plus personal trainers, plus professional photographers. Not to mention, some celebs that are hella young are topping charts as high as those who are pretty damn old–thats just how the business goes.
Recently, Twitter discovered that singer Ariana Grande and rapper Cardi B are the same age–25-years-old.

I even double checked online to make damn sure–because you know, Twitter can spread some lies.


Personally, I’m more concerned that both women are my age and have accomplished more in one year than I have in my entire life…but hey, that’s just me. After the news broke that yes, Cardi and Ariana are the same age, people were having full-blown meltdowns.

I mean, I understand why people may think Cardi’s a bit older–she looks older than Ariana Grande and she already has a baby. Plus, Ariana grew up on Nickelodeon, which inevitably makes people see her in a childhood spotlight–despite growing up, producing some brand new albums and getting engaged.

It just goes to show you, you never know until you GOOGLE THAT ISH!