A Tweet Roasting Restaurant Chains Has Outraged Rural Foodies


Imagine being this butt hurt over someone criticizing Chili’s.

I guarantee you that Twitter user Alex C (@anothercohen) did not expect defenders of Applebees and the Olive Garden to come out swinging when he tweeted a few days ago.

The tweet was innocuous enough: Alex did not understand how Chilis, Applebees, Olive Garden, or Red Lobster were still in business. I mean, same, Alex. Same.

@anothercohen / Twitter

Thousands of people came to the defense of the terrible fast-casual establishments and Alex was left surprised that he “triggered all of suburban America”. However, he stood by his original declaration.

@anothercohen / Twitter

Here are some of the responses to Alex’s original Tweets:

1. Alien

@grimkim / Twitter

2. Working class

@Zaidjulani / Twitter

3. Sit down

@divergiment / Twitter

4. Lower/middle class

@bfaviero / Twitter

5. Not too different

@jase313/ Twitter

6. Defending Chilis

@gonzolo_nunez / Twitter

7. Endless shrimp

@trungphan / Twitter

8. Rural America

@auroraactivist / Twitter

9. Predictable


10. Sizzler

@cakeamonga / Twitter