This Mom Carrying Triplets Shows The Weekly Progression And It’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

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Maria and Anders share a son named Mikael. They live in Copenhagen. And one of them is very, very pregnant.

With triplets.

Maria has documented her pregnancy on her aptly-named Instagram account, triplets_of_copenhagen.

Many of the images shared are positive and upbeat. But she also shares some incredibly raw and honest snapshots of her life. The following picture, for example, is of Maria in the car after she found out she was pregnant with triplets.

“We had our first ultrasound at exactly 13 weeks, and got the biggest surprise of our life. Total shock,” she wrote back in May. According to BuzzFeed, Maria did not have fertility treatments. The likelihood of conceiving triplets, according to Wikipedia, is “about 4300 sets in 3.9 million births, just a little more than 0.1%, or 1 in 1000.” Identical triplets are even rarer; “about 1 in ten thousand.”

About a week ago, Maria posted an incredible photo collage chronicling her growing belly—from weeks 12 to 34.

She documented her pregnancy with a candidness many moms appreciated. Like, for example, when the blood vessels in her face blew up the very same day her homesickness was at its peak.

Or when she shared moments of “big highs and deep lows,” photos taken just four hours apart.

As well as the time she snapped the way she spends most of her time:

It is truly wondrous to imagine there are three teeny humans kicking around inside of one big one:

And also to just see the wild progression from a lil smol belly…

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17 weeks. May 07, 2018.

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To a big huge belly.

The human body is an incredible thing.

Four days ago, on September 13, Maria gave birth to three healthy babies named Iben, Filip, and Agnes.

We wish Maria, Anders, Mikael, Iben, Agnes, and Filip, the best of luck!